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by Buckminster Fuller

    I Seem to be a Verb
    GRUNCH of Giants
    Critical Path

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Synergy is a term coined by Buckminster Fuller and means that sometimes the sum of two things that work together add up to more than the sum of their parts. The book "Synergetics" by R. Buckminster Fuller is a lengthy treaty on how it all works mathematically. Simply put "Synergy means behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of their parts taken separately." (Synergetics, page 3)

The internet is becoming a bit like that now isn't it. Ideas spawning memes spawning radical new ways of looking at things, which in turn spawn radical methods put down by others to stop those people who are looking at things differently. Paradigms birthing and dying and creating a present no one really has a handle on.

I was thinking about how I myself could add to the synergy of the web, wondering what I could possibly offer here on my webpages that might be of use to people. What could I offer as a gift to those folks who come here to visit my pages? Not just to lure them here like so many other pages, but something I felt good about giving away that I don't want compensation for. So I thought that I would start a texture and pattern farm, where people could harvest new backgrounds or textures that I have either created myself or collected from surfing missions on the net. Come visit my texture farm where I've been cultivating some interesting textures and backgrounds for your desktop...



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