We all have to do our part to keep the web growing through the healthy exchange of ideas. This is where I am trying to do my part. The textures you find growning on my Texture Farm are free for the intrepid surfing harvester. Some have been used here at the Den of Syn, some will never be used anywhere. I'll weed out those from time to time after I find out what grows and what doesn't. Either way take a look and see what has sprouted. Most of these seeds have come from Photoshop doodlings or a freeware program from Sausage Software called Reptile that is pretty cool. If you actually put any of these to use I'd sure appreciate the URL so I can take a look at your handiwork...

Texture Farm

If you click on the buttons on the above graphic you will be taken to the various fields of Texture Crops I have collected and created over the course of the last year or so.

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