Eye Believe! I Believe!    

Saved by a boy's love.
Threatened by Society's greed.

The Quest For the Noble Desert Poodle
is a bold new film that dares to blow the whistle on a particularly wretched form of Winnebagan excess! This lovingly crafted 14 minute documentary profiles the facts and fables associated with a little-known genetics experiment gone horribly awry.


   Tell your Neighbors! Tell your Children! Tell your Taxidermist!

Join The Quest For the Noble Desert Poodle

Hunter Couple

The Quest For the Noble Desert Poodle has been (and continues to be!) entered in various film festival around the globe. Desert Poodle has yet to have its official North American Premiere. We're holding out for an appropriately naive film festival to embrace our little film. Should any of these submissions actually bear fruit, we'll keep you posted! Be sure to check back often for the latest on festival entry status, copyright infringement suits, etc. Oh, and if you know of a festival / forum suitable for Desert Poodle, please drop us a line!

Click here to see the pix of the Desert Poodle premiere in Amsterdam

Check back for more photos soon!

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