Eye Believe! I Believe!    








    Eccentric Woman

    Eccentric Husband

    Dr. Reginald Dewlap

    Dr. Coolidge Borglum

    Ziggy McFarland

    Token Redneck

    Buzz Butterworth

    Dr. Karl Lubich

    Campfire Choir:

    Krisha Fairchild

    Kathy Levin

    Paul Black

    Dr. Roger Williams

    Robert J. Zenk

    Michael McAuliffe

    Jim Wilson

    Jean Sherrard

    Dan Molvar

    Natalie Hoyt
    Alex Werner
    Taylor Werner
    Eli Hoyt


    Produced by Dan Monaghan,
    Rex Barker & Joel Veatch

    Written & Directed by Dan Monaghan

    Director of Photography:
    Rex "Mr. Stubby" Barker

    Editor: Joel Veatch

    Asst. Producer / Gaffer / Bestboy / A.C. /
    Desert Boom Op. / Props / Driver / Melon
    Wrangler / Rabble-Rouser: Dennis Hollyfield

    All Desert Poodle renderings
    & artwork by Robin Dorn

    Location Audio: Elanor Rimassa

    Sound Design by Jim Wilson,
    Pure Audio, Seattle

    Audio Post facilities
    courtesy of Pure Audio, Seattle

    Poodle Howl Samplings Courtesy of Satti

    Satti provided by Pat Wendler
    and Winnie Nazarko

    Post Production Design by
    Flying Spot Inc., Seattle

    DNA animation by Gavin Fysh, Steve Harris,
    Flying Spot Inc., Seattle

    Film Transfer by Eric Rosen, Jeff Tillotson,
    Flying Spot Transfer Inc., Seattle

    Assistant Producer: Anne Marie Canon

    Creative Consultant / Director of Research:
    G. Scott Thirkield III

    BioTron logo by Michael Maddux,
    WorldWise Designs, Seattle

    Magazine Cover Art by David Yaw

    Music composed by Richard Harvey

    Performed by The London Symphony Orchestra
    (KPM 343, Cut 4)

    Negative Cutting Supervision & Coordination
    by Pat Barber

    Location Audio equipment courtesy of
    Matthew G. Monroe, Mattsound, Seattle

    Arriflex camera and lighting equipment
    courtesy of Merwin Creative, Seattle.

    Additional lighting & grip equipment
    courtesy of Paul Crampton,
    No Name Productions, Seattle.

    Website design & implementation
    by Brian Foley

    Special thanks to Henry Dardanne, SAG,
    the Actors Group, the Woodland Park Zoo,
    John at Kinko's, Mike Sunseri, Clatter & Din,
    Cornerstone Communications, and
    The Hemp Hotel (Amsterdam)

    Characters and events depicted in this film are
    entirely fictional. Any similarity between actual
    people and events is purely intentional, but you've
    got a snowball's chance in hell of getting us to
    admit that in a court of law.

    No animals (real or imaginary) were
    harmed in the making of this film.

    Several cantaloupes, however, were.

    Special thanks to all of our friends, families, and
    associates who helped us pull this thing together

    Born a week after the October Missile Crisis,
    Dan Monaghan had his wisdom teeth removed
    the day Elvis died - "I'm convinced it's all no mere
    coincidence" says Monaghan. Dan's hobbies
    include phrenology, hypocrisy, and recreational
    ultrasound. His pet peeves are lethargy,
    entropy and misused apostrophe's.

    His favorite color is teal.

    ©1998, Silent G Productions, Inc.

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