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    Dan Monaghan
    2536 Alki Ave. S.W.
    Suite 7
    Seattle, WA 98116
    telephone: (206) 459-2200

    Neither the film nor this very site would have been possible if not for the tireless efforts of many talented individuals and organizations who have selflessly volunteered (or greatly discounted) their valuable time and services in the name of pointless absurdity. Most gullible among them:


  • Rex Barker, Cinematographer
    The guy's an artist. He MUST be! He can smoke, scowl and swear like Gauguin on a bad day.

  • Dennis Hollyfield, gaffer / AC / melon wrangler / et al
    Dennis is a multi-talented fellow and one hell of a good sport. (However, he apparently can't save receipts worth a damn.)

  • Robin Dorn, Illustrator (1-800-996-3241)
    Robin is soley responsible for each of the amazingly lifelike, wonderfully disturbing Desert Poodle renderings (including those found on our nifty t-shirts). Be sure to hire her to help manifest your next mythic archetype.

  • Flying Spot - Editing, Design, Film transfer
    These folks really know their shit. 'Nuf said.

  • Jim Wilson, Sound Design
    Pure Audio's pride and joy is a twisted, Emmy award winning, sonic genius and he also makes one hell of a convincing redneck. Spooky.

  • David Yaw, Graphic Artist
    David helped realize each and every one of the faux magazine / newspaper covers in our film, as well as executing the final layout for our aformentioned t-shirts. Oh, and he's a pretty good guy to boot. Just don't call him "Bubba".

  • The Actor's Group (206) 624-9465
    Most of the actors in "Desert Poodle" are represented by these swell folks! Those who weren't can be reached here.

  • Brian Foley, Webmaster's very own hunchbacked misfit and webmaster. Ya know, without Brian's countless hours of thankless toil, you wouldn't be reading this right now! Check out the Den of Syn homepage if you want to know more.

  • The Hemp Hotel
    Silent G's home away from home, if only in our dreams.

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