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Order "Quest for the Desert Poodle" videos
and souvenirs via the World Wide Web (sort of)!


By popular demand, we now offer various forms of official "Desert Poodle" trinkets. Yup, we know these little gems are not particularly inexpensive, but, hey, the quality is pretty darn high, and we really need the $$$ to reconform the damn film into a projector friendly 35mm print (required by most self-respecting film festivals). Think of every dollar spent as your way of helping to push the ol' Desert Poodle one more sprocket hole closer to victory!

    T-shirt design - front
You have two convenient ways to share your disposable income with us: Order online, or simply print out the custom ordering form, fill'er out and mail it along with a check or money order for the Grand Whopping Total (US dollars, please!) to:

Silent G Productions, Inc.
2536 Alki Ave. S.W.
Suite 7
Seattle, WA  98116
(206) 459-2200

(Please: no phone calls concerning merchandise ordering, unless, of course, you've encountered some sort of ordering/delivery problem in need of friendly resolution!)

    T-shirt design - back
In about 2-3 weeks your friendly neighborhood Postal Person will proudly deliver a heaping bundle o'Desert Poodle booty right to your door step!

Less-than-subtle-hint: Desert Poodle trinkets make great gifts!

If you love the Desert Poodle, you'll probably also appreciate Synaptic Anarchy Playhouse!

Price List:


    $18.00 (ntsc)
    $24.00 (pal)


    $12.00 each


    short sleeve - $20
    (specify size: L, XL)

    long sleeve - $23
    (specify size: L, XL)

All prices include sales tax

Shipping & Handling:

    U.S.: $5 per item, $15 max
    International: $10 per item, $20 max

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