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About Utila

Utila Island is one of the Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea, thirty kilometers off the coast of Honduras. It is 11 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide at its widest point. Utila's only town is in East Harbor and has about 3000 permanent inhabitants. English is the dominant language here, though most residents are bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.

The main industry in Utila these days is tourism related, and it is known as THE place to learn how to dive for international backpackers due to the relatively inexpensive prices charged on the island for diving. The world's second largest reef system extends to the Bay Islands, and abundant sealife surrounds the waters around the island. Combine this with crystal blue 85 degree Fahrenheit (30 degree Celsius) water, visiblity of 100 to 150 feet (30 to 50 meters) and you can see why so many people have come here to learn diving.

To the west of the island are a small set of cayes, many of which are inhabited. A visit to Pigeon Cay for a fish burger at Susan's Cafe is highly recommended. Paradise Divers takes diving trips there at least once a week, with an afternoon stop to Water Cay for an after-lunch swim and a cold beer or soda - a more perfect day would be hard to find anywhere else. To the east is Roatan Island, 30 kilometers distant. Directly south of Utila is the port city of La Ceiba. Daily ferry service is available aboard the ship Galaxy. SOSA Airlines offers multiple daily arrivals/departures to La Ceiba as well. For more a map of Utila's streets and businesses, click here.

If you are looking for something fun to do at night Utila has plenty of great options. Excellent chefs cook up some of the tastiest seafood imaginable at restaurants such as Sharkeys, The Mango Inn, RJ's, the Frosty Seafrog, or The Jade Seahorse. Of course the bars are always cooking in the evening as well. Volleyball tournaments at The Bar in the Bush, dancing til dawn at The Bucket of Blood, chilling at the Treetanic Bar or Las Delicias are just a few of the options available to visitors and locals on Utila in 1999. There are also two cinemas for more conventional entertainment if that is what you're looking for.

Daytime diversions on Utila are not limited to only water related activities. Stop by Thompson's Bakery for breakfast and a fresh cinnamon roll. For lunch go to The Bundu Cafe for delicious crepes, fresh juice or coffee. Check your email at one of the two internet cafes on the island. The pace is relaxing and mellow. You may just find it difficult to leave Paradise!

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